Visits in Jails

Remember those in prison, as if you were there yourself. Remember also those being mistreated, as if you felt their pain in your own bodies. (Hebrews 13:3 NLT version)

To visit the prisoners behind the bars, Rah-e-Nijat Ministry has designed this project known as ‘Visitation’. We aim at Spiritual growth, counseling, importance of Word of God and prayers in their lives. We are reshaping the lives of prisoners and nourishing their lives with Word of God.

Spiritual Growth
Rah-e-Nijat Ministry,  when preach Bible inside the jails and do counseling and intercession for the prisoners, this really become the source of spiritual growth for the prisoners. Since, all of the prisoners feel highly guilty and they become highly worried about families and the court situations.

Facts Finding
This fact finding is done by 
Rah-e-Nijat Ministry just to know about the innocent prisoners and victims. While visiting the jails, counseling, spiritual guidance our pastors come to know that who are innocent prisoners in the jail and who are guilty. All the pastors have to make this understanding clear that innocent prisoners and guilty prisoners are different from each other.

Payments of Fine
Rah-e-Nijat Ministry also pay fine of the prisoners, when they are in jail and have completed the time period of their sentence and are just in jails because they are unable to pay the fines to be free.

Rah-e-Nijat Ministry pays the fines of the innocent prisoners just to get them free. The main aim of paying the fine of the prisoners, just to liberate them from prison and they could live a life of gratitude. This makes the change in their lives and they start a new life with a fresh start. We, as Rah-e-Nijat Ministry give them new hope to start a new life under Almighty hand of God and to be grateful whole life and not to be turned towards crime and any other wrong activity.

Family Financial Support

Rah-e-Nijat Ministry is helping in family financial support to the deserving prisoners, victims and persecuted families. It is the very difficult situation when the bread winner of the family is behind the bars and the whole family is suffering tremendously. Most of the time it has been observed that children have stopped schooling and mother started earning bread and butter for the family. In most of the cases mothers are illiterate and they get the work of chopping, sweeping and labor work. 

All of a sudden when the bread winner is behind the bars, the family gets into trouble to face all these problems at once. The most pathetic situation about these families is unable to pay the court and lawyer fee in this situation. As a result the case becomes very weak and the victim has to suffer a lot behind the bars. This makes the whole family situation very bad, education of children, bread and butter and all the other financial needs get stopped.