Rah-e-Nijat Ministry believes at inner freedom, religious freedom, social freedom and equal rights of every human being. We believe only the sovereignty of God Almighty and His supremacy.

We really care for prisoners and we are continuously worrying about their spiritual growth and nourishment. We also pay legal assistance, financial support to their families.

When most people think of prison ministry, they envision confrontation with dangerous people, or walking to the electric chair with a condemned killer. However, it is unlikely that you will actually become involved in either of these, or any similar situation in a lifetime of ministry.

As your church becomes involved in this ministry, you will find room for everyone, from your high school group to the senior saints. While some of your people will be involved in witnessing and preaching in jails or prisons, there are many more openings to minister from the outside.

We are a registered organization working from 2010 in Pakistan.