Interfaith Harmony
Saturday, February 06, 2016

Present were:
Khalid Shahzad, Sadia Hayat, Haroon Diyal, Safdar Chouhdary, Ali Sheir (Ambassador of Tajikistan), Joao Paola Costa (Ambassador of Portugal) and Jamshaid A. Khan

Rah-e-Nijat Ministry organized a program in Islamabad club on 6th February 2016 to bridge the gap of different religion and communities. Almost 103 were total participants in the program. This program was meant to enlighten people about the differences of each community and emphasize to bring peace in this society. Ms. Sadia Hayat showed a documentary of 20 minutes in which people gave interview about religious hatred printed in the book of social studies of grade 5-10. Many people from the different walks of lives recorded their interview and name of the program was “Main Bhi Pakistan Haoon”. These people who have recorded their interviews were politicians, anchors, educationalist and researcher and thinkers. All these people shared their thoughts that religious hatred should be elaborated and peace should be built.

Mr. Haroon Diyal shared his problems as being living a Hindu life in Pakistan. He mentioned that Hindus’ marriage and death certificate is not yet registered in Pakistan. No Hindu can prove his own wife officially. He expressed the discrimination and hatred was first started with minorities and now this hatred has been overwhelmed all over Pakistan. Ali Sheir (Ambassador of Tajikistan) mentioned that this is not an age to have religious hatred in the society. This would create a huge gap among local communities and minorities. Joao Paola Costa (Ambassador of Portugal) mentioned that merely talk shows, dialogues and program would not help people to abolish the discrimination and religious hatred. He emphasized that all the people must contribute in this endeavor to solve this problem. We need to make some positive efforts to get over this problem.

Mr. Jamshaid A Khan also mentioned that history has proved that communities had different hate for each other but this is a time to abolish all these hard truths. He mentioned all the people are first humans than they are parted in the different religions. As being human beings we are all equal and we should give each other same respect and honor in order to build a peaceful society.

Chairman Rah-e-Nijat Ministry (Safdar Chouhdary) mentioned that from last 20 years hatred has been reduced and society is getting better and better now. The distances among different religions have reduced now. The education has played a vital role in this regard. It was also mentioned the progress can only made by joint efforts and mutual love. The source of synergy is only can be found in mutual understanding and love for one another.

This program gave many challenged to the participants and this program was recorded by many TV channels. The whole audience was pleasantly surprised after having heard of these facts. The faces were turned to smile after having heard these discussions. The bright and hopeful message was delivered to all the media channels and participants. Rah-e-Nijat Ministry arranged this program to prevail a peaceful message in the society to love each other’s religion in order to build true peace in the society.
May God Bless you

In Solidarity,

Safdar Chouhdary
Rah-e-Nijat Ministry Pakistan