In 2010, our ministry started a project named ‘Rah-e-nijat Drug Treatment Center. It was meant to take care of drug addicted patients and rehabilitation center. We had three wards, two doctors volunteers and administrative staff were hired. Doctor Kamran Bukhari and Late Dr. Fayyaz Ahmed Kharl were in the center.

Since after some time Drug Treatment center was not being funded by any donor/donor agency. Then, we stopped it, now we are looking forward to the generous donors to start this work again.

Treatment helps people stop using the drugs they’re addicted to. Treatment can include talk therapy, medicine, or both. It helps them learn to fight the urges to use drugs again, and it helps them regain control in their lives.

People start taking drugs for different reasons. Sometimes it’s because they’re upset about personal problems and don’t know how to cope. But drugs can make these problems worse. Treatment can help people work on the problems in their lives, such as family trouble, money trouble, or problems at work.

Drug abuse can mess up every part of a person’s life. So treatment needs to work with all areas of your life—your relationships, your work, the way you have fun, and how you deal with problems.

  • Treatment can help people who are just starting to get addicted.

Please do kindly remember our project in your prayers. Please stretch your hands to help us to start this work again.