Background of this Book

In 2011, the prisoners in Adiala Jail wrote a letter to rah-e-nijat ministry. They mentioned that daily 80 to 100 prisoners are present in the jail and most of them are completely unknown to Christianity. They even don’t know the basic of our religion, so they requested to cooperate with us in this regard and to send us a book that all the Christians should study.

One of the prisoners named Vicky s/o Yousaf sent some draft of the book to be taught the prisoners in the jail. Rah-e-nijat ministry immediately took the material sent by the prisoner and started focusing on that. Then, we started working on that like editing, proof reading. Later it was printed and handed in to the prisoner (teacher) to teach and preach.

We are looking for the generous donors to have to look to this matter, as we want to publish this book on large scale and want to publish in bigger number.

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